Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Documented Truth About Kerry Lyn Dalton's Trial

Some of you have watched the Deadly Women episode aired last Winter, claiming to tell the story of a murder involving Kerry Dalton, Sheryl Baker, Mark Tompkins and "George."

Now you can read the documented truth in the newly published book, CAGES. For details, along with excerpts, follow this link

Sister Helen Prejean, Author of Dead Man Walking, writes, "...Cages is a must read that exposes the complexities and faults within the system, while going deeply into the moral issue of capital punishment..." 

Compare the astonishing differences between the episode's version and this documented, accurate retelling of the facts.


  1. I just watched this Deadly Women episode featuring Kerry Lyn Dalton and what I saw was truly horrific. I have a feeling that it was exaggerated and dramatized because it's television. If Kerry Lyn Dalton is indeed innocent then she absolutely needs to be released and she definitely should be compensated for her time on death row(at least for the wages she would have earned had she been innocent) because if she is innocent she is indeed a victim as well. Unfortunately the state doesn't compensate the small percentage of people who were on death row and had their convictions expunged...and I am not talking about people who had their convictions converted to life without parole or anything like that, I am talking about the tiny amount of people who are completely freed and vindicated from death row.

    With that said now on to the flip side. Kerry Lyn Dalton was given a trial and indeed she was convicted by a jury of her peers. I personally don't support the death penalty, but I do indeed think it should be reserved for a small amount of people...the worst of the worst. All people currently on death row committed terrible crimes but in my opinion a good amount of them should have their sentences turned to life without parole while I believe a few select people should be executed. Since Kerry Lyn Dalton was convicted of what she was accused of I do believe that being on death row is appropriate for her. Not just because she was convicted of murder...but also because of the torture. Injecting the victim with battery acid, shocking them, beating them with a frying pan and then dismembering them and making sure the body isn't found? That truly warrants the death penalty in my opinion. The Victim, Irene, had family members and the day she died is the day her family indeed became victims too. All because of stolen jewelry?

    Now like I said if Kerry Lyn Dalton is truly innocent is doesn't deserve to spend not even a lick of time in prison then I hope that the wheels of justice move quickly and she can get home to her family and life(though it would never be the same again). If she really is guilty and NOT wrongly accused/charged/convicted then she needs to stay right where she is and I hope for peace for the family of Irene May and I also hope for peace for the family of Kerry Lyn. The family members of both the victim and the perpetrator are innocent bystanders in all of this.

    1. Thank you for taking time to look into the case and share your thoughts, "Munchkin". I hope you will take some more time now to look over the posts here, where you can read transcript samples that show the whole Deadly Women episode was a lie. A dangerous false statement came right out of ex-prosecutor Dusek's mouth: when he claimed no one had looked for Melanie (Irene) until years later when Ms. Baker gave a statement. That is absolutely false and is documented here on the blog with trial transcripts and further detailed in the book CAGES, according to testimony/transcripts. Both Dusek and Cooksey say things that misrepresent the case/facts. There are so few actual facts.

      When you have immunity as a prosecutor--what guides your motives? Truth, or career? That's an easy answer for any honest person of integrity. Please help make our legal system work for all of us. Please vote to make changes, like prosecutor accountability. That way we can work to avoid wrongful convictions in the future.

      Thank you for being a conscientious citizen. Please keep looking for the truth. Please ask questions about Kerry's case. (The book was made to cover this complicated case, it cannot be entirely represented in a blog.) Try Paradise Lost I to get an idea of how these things can/do happen.

      Sincerely, Victoria

  2. This case is confounding I grant you. I do not know if your sister is innocent or not, bur I do know the evidence that Ive seen so far is certainly not near enough to justify a death penalty conviction. No BODY!EVEN THE JUDGE STATED THE ALLEDGED VICTIM MAY NOT EVEN BE DECEASED! WTH???? And since.when does the testimony of known meth heads hold enough water to fry somebody in a situation where the only evidence a murder was even committed is all purely circumstantial?,My God! This could happen to anyone of us which is why I am swayed to vote against the death penalty. If ANY innocent soul is dispatched in the name of justice,we should all,as a nation be appalled and sweep this abomination from our socity,else we have no right to call ourselves "civilized",do we? Not to mention that this has happened and yet we still vote it in.What the hell?! Who is the murderer here!!us

  3. when I saw Kerry daltons case on DEADLY WOMEN, there were a multitude of factors that came to bear light. one was this should be a powerful deterrant to anyone who thinks of doing crystal meth even once. the statement that this is a drug with the power to drag you thru the gates of hell.. that's an understatement. this is a drug that can and will take the most harmless person and light a fuse in them. also while Irene may was murdered in a horrific manner..and what im going to say is going to make people very vary angry..its like this. one-Kerry took her in. two-Irene turned her in to the cops to obtain favors for herself and get a lighter sentence on a drug rap. she sold kerrys possesions and jewelry while she was in jail. its like this...bad things tend to happen in the world she was in if you cross the wrong people and you don't hav the right people looking out for you. Kerry was high on meth 24/7 she took someone in they stole from her and ratted her out to the cops. she was angry. its only for the grace of God that IIII didn't end up murdered with some of the things I did. this sounds like a horrible thing to say but with behavior theres consequences. in this case horrific ones. also one thing I couldn't figure out is that Irene saw this coming for some time before that night..possibly days before. why didn't she leave????????? she didn't because the grip meth had on her was so powerful she couldn't break away from the source of it from the people who were her suppliers even though she already knew what was coming.

    I think the woman who murdered her in such a horrible manner that night may not be the same in the sense that she no longer is high on meth. but the very fact she proclaimed innocence and shows no remorse tells me that she hasn't changed. she should never be in a position of freedom. but I think the saddest part of this case is the fact that there are no truly innocent people here. its a world where everyone will do anything for the next bump. its difficult to see something like this and realize like I said earlier with behavior theres consequences. its what happens when you cross the wrong people.

    1. Hello Lisa, Thank you for taking time to write us about your thoughts after watching the Deadly Women episode. I would greatly encourage you to look at the facts and NOT the story presented on the show: this blog contains trial transcript evidence to expose the "story" on that episode as false, please read those, or please ask me to send you transcript copies.
      Looking at the portions we've posted, you will find there were NO forensics to recreate such a horrific scene as they did- how could such a crime occur and leave behind no trace whatsoever? Especially with admitted meth users, Baker testified they'd been shooting up for at least a couple of days, and little or no sleep.
      You sound like a thoughtful person, you grasped many of the problems with issues the episode presented and you grasp many of the issues that are a result of using this awful drug,methamphetamine. I hope you will apply your intellect to looking further into this case, it is not the first, nor will it be the last, to be constructed on the need for careers and appearances. It is a very complicated case, that is why we published the trial transcripts in the book, CAGES.
      Kerry Lyn Dalton is innocent, because there was NO MURDER. (no one was even declared deceased during the trial - how do you hold a Capital Punishment trial with no one dead?)

  4. I completely agree with the fact of no evidence and no body...only a small confession from a very unstable person...! But i read somewhere that your sister confessed also...if ahe admitted to the crimw then it is what it is...cause i know for a fact if i was indeed innocent i would stand my ground not give in and say okay i did why did she confess? If she is "innocent " good question dont you think...? A personal confession from the "killer" herself overrules having a body or proof...and yes i watched the deadly women episode literally less than ten minutes ago...!

  5. Thank you Jaye for your comment and for looking into this case.

    The "confession" from Kerry Lyn was NOT a confession from her.
    The reported confession comes from investigator Richard Cooksey who testified that an informant told him Kerry had confessed to them.

    There are more details on the blog's past posts, but if you have more questions I encourage you to ask me.

    The fact is false confessions are coerced out of people. Damon Thibodeaux is one such example: recently exonerated.



  6. Well thank you for replying and clearing that up! If yout sister is innocent i sure do wish the best for her and your family... maybe someone will come to realization, IF she is truly innocent which i cant speak on...