Monday, August 17, 2015

Visit: August 15/16, 2015

Adam's 1st time meeting his aunt Kerry in person. We had fantastic visits! The work to Free Kerry Lyn continues. We love you Kerry!!!!

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Kerry Lyn Dalton— Nebraska Repeals The Death Penalty!

    Another wonderful visit with my beloved sister, Kerry Lyn Dalton. 
May 17, 2015. 
Victoria Thorpe, Kerry Lyn Dalton, Raymond Reyes. 
We want to bring her home before 2015 is over!

Nebraska Repeals the Death Penalty Today!
As I lay back in a dental chair this afternoon, voices debating who should be killed, and who should not kill, filled my left ear. The Nebraska Senate would soon be voting whether or not to override the governor’s veto of their approval to repeal the death penalty.
Bright overhead lights were blurring the figure looming over me as she gently said “You’ll feel a little pinch.”
 I focused my eyes to see the syringe coming at me clearly. It struck me how much alike the dental chair was to an execution table. Our executions are orchestrated quite like a visit to the dentist; sterile syringes and all.
No matter how we dress it up, it’s still comes out the same; our country still practices killing to prove that killing is wrong.
For that moment I closed my eyes and made myself imagine what it might be like to be strapped onto an execution table – waiting to be killed, listening to the bustle of those doing their job, knowing an audience would watch silently as life was drained from my body. Suddenly it felt too real in that dental chair listening to the angry voices flood my ear describing bloody murders, passionate statements for compassion, or dull voices asking for justice.
Which side knew what justice meant?
“How’s that feeling?” the dentist sat close on my right side.
“aam yus fi,” was all I could mutter with a mouthful of rubber stretched across my teeth.
Then the drill began so I turned up the sound on my phone and focused on the debate.
Senator Ernie Chambers lead the discussion to override the governor’s veto of the Nebraska legislative approval to abolish the death penalty. Repeal was approved with a two-thirds vote on three occasions before going to governor Pete Ricketts’ desk. He promised he would veto it – and he did so promptly.
Today after over 2 hours of senate testimonies the vote was 30 to 19 in favor of repeal of Capital Punishment. They had what it took to override the veto.
The facts shared in support of repeal covered the very real possibility of executing the innocent; 152 people have been exonerated from U.S. death rows since 1973, the arbitrariness of its use, the disproportionate racial representation, the much higher cost than life without parole (LWOP), there is no data supporting it provides deterrence, and the fact we know the system is fallible and humans are fallible. Examples were given of cases where blatant misconduct lead to wrongful convictions.
The counter statements offered to uphold the death penalty were in regards to retribution, honoring the governor’s decision, and religion demanding the death penalty.
Words from Genesis to the book of Romans, even the passages leading up to the crucifixion of Jesus, and references to Christianity were included throughout the debate.
At one point a Senator called-out Chambers as an atheist and wondered how then he could support life and why should they take his opinion seriously.
Another interesting point was made by a Senator who reminded us who the other countries are that kill their own citizens; Iraq, Iran, North Korea, Saudi Arabia.
There are 142 countries which have abolished the death penalty. This Senator’s point was no one should kill, and especially not the state.
 When all was said and done, just after 2:00 pm Pacific time (4:00 pm in Nebraska) the vote was called and the death penalty was taken off the table.
This is the 19th state to abolish the death penalty. How about Washington becoming the 20th?
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Thursday, December 25, 2014

150 people exonerated from U.S. Death Rows - Wishing Death Row Residents Peace Today

Our family in 1965, I lovingly dedicate this song to my family, especially to Kerry Lyn. Merry Christmas Kerry! I love you!

Click on this link to listen:

Monday, December 8, 2014

149 People Have Been Exonerated from Our Own Death Rows

Eye Witness is NO Guarantee 

Former death row inmate Ricky Jackson and Wiley Bridgeman  were formally exonerated on November 21, 2014, in Ohio, after spending 39 years in prison. They are numbers 148 and 149 on the growing list of exonerees from U.S.A. Death Rows.

Article excerpt: When he dismissed Jackson’s case, Judge Richard McMonagle said, “Life is filled with small victories, and this is a big one.”

These cases relied heavily on eye-witness identification - the "eye-witness"  recanted just last year...

 Prosecutor Timothy McGinty said in court that without an eyewitness there was not much of a case, he added "The state is conceding the obvious." 

Cleveland attorneys represented both men after the Ohio Innocence Project took up Jackson’s cause even though there was no DNA evidence. 

 Charges will likely be dismissed against the third convicted defendant in this case, Mr. Ajamu , who would then be # 150 of the exonerated.

Follow these links to read more details:

Death Penalty Information Center-

Thursday, November 13, 2014

November 2014 Visit

Nov. 8, 2014 CCWF . Kerry and Victoria visit in the attorneys' room.
Update: Kerry Lyn looks great doesn't she! 19 1/2 years on CA Death Row and she continues to be the strongest person I know. It's very difficult to stay healthy on prison diet, she stays aware of her needs and works to stay well, we supplement the meals provided with what is available to purchase from approved vendors. Things like vitamins, toothpaste, olive oil, granola, pasta, dehydrated onions, lotion, etc, are staples for her nutrition. We are allowed to order her a box from a vendor once per quarter (every 3 months). She can have up to 30 lbs in the box, so that is limited. 

I am posting some ideas on how any of you can let Kerry know you're thinking of her this season of giving and family time. Please consider sending her a card, some stamps, stationary, or contributing to her "box" (we handle the order since she can only receive one.)

Ways to make Kerry's life a little brighter:

Letter or card - (be sure to hand write Kerry's address and don't forget to write out your return                                 name and address - otherwise the letter will be rejected. No stamps or any other                               writing on the envelopes, only the postage stamp is allowed.)
Kerry Lyn Dalton W42583

p.o. box 1508
Chowchilla CA, 93610-1508

If you send a postcard- you still must include a return address and a name.

Postage Stamps -  (so she can write you and others) be sure to write in your letter you have                                          enclosed stamps and how many. She can receive up to 40 stamps per envelope.
Stationary -          up to 20 blank post cards per envelope, up to 10 blank greeting cards per                                           envelope, sheets of blank stationary paper. Nothing can be hand made since                                     paint, tape, glue, glitter,etc are not allowed on your mail, but it can be printed                                     copies of your work. 
Photographs -       send her a photo of yourself, your family and friends, a scene of the season,                                       your pet, nature, or other sights you'd like to share. (no Polaroids, or layered                                     pics)

Gifting to her box - send contributions to us, indicate what you'd like it to go for or just to her                                           general needs; email for further details:                                                                                          (any amount accepted, every few                                   dollars adds to the gift)     
           We will include your name on the contributors and send you a copy of the invoice.

Items Kerry could use (we'll order for her Box) -
                                     Sweat pants, sweat shirt (usually no heat in her building) 
                                     Cd's (music can be therapeutic!)

                                     Herbs  (she prefers natural remedies to prescription drugs, the facility does                                      not provide homeopathic treatments. Kerry's system does not tolerate                                                synthetic medications well. )
                                     Other healthier food alternatives, toiletries, socks,...

Books -                        a good read is such a blessing!  The book orders must come from a Third                                          party dealer (Amazon is good and usually best prices), must be new, only                                            paper backs allowed.

                              Either send her a book you like or ask her if she has a title in mind.
                                      Some titles on her wish list are:
(GIFTED)                     A New Earth, Eckhart Tolle

(GIFTED)                     The Gift, Ladinsky
(GIFTED)                     The Essential Jung, C.G. Jung / Anthony Storr
                                      Man's Search For Meaning, Victor Frankl
                                      Custer Died For Your Sins, Vine Deloria Jr.
                                      The Red Road To Wellbriety
                                      The Mastery of Love,      Don Ruiz Miguel         
                                      Long Walk to Freedom,      Nelson Mandela
(GIFTED)                     I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings,    Maya Angelou
                                              (I'll add more soon.)  
Please let me know if you choose a book from this list so we don't duplicate, thank you.

Or just email me to pass a suggestion on or by me. I look forward to hearing from you and how we can support Kerry Lyn through another Christmas season on Death Row.

More to post soon.
Blessings and peace to you all from my family, and on behalf of Kerry!!!

Saturday, August 2, 2014

CA Death Penalty system takes a lifetime - District Judge rules it unconstitutional

Aug. 2, 2014.
Today's visit was very good! Kerry is strong and has a great heart; even after 19 years on the Row she hasn't given in to despair! We talked about how it will be when she comes home, that made us smile!

Raymond Reyes, Kerry Lyn Dalton, Victoria Thorpe
Visiting Aug. 10, 2014

California's Death Penalty Is Unconstitutional, But The AG Won't Give It Up

SAN FRANCISCO — Aug 21, 2014, 7:20 PM ET
SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — California's attorney general said Thursday she will appeal a federal court ruling that called the state's death penalty unconstitutional.
The announcement by Attorney General Kamala Harris came after U.S. District Judge Cormac Carney in Los Angeles ruled last month that the state's death penalty takes too long to carry out, and that the unpredictable delays are arbitrary and unfair.
Harris, however, said the amount of time it takes to execute an inmate in California ensures inmates receive due process.
Continue reading the entire article here: