Sunday, July 15, 2012

Jason Baldwin is going to Spokane!

The West Memphis Three have been free for 10 months, and already Mr. Baldwin is working to help correct the flaws within the system that were responsible for his wrongful conviction, Mr. Echols' and Mr. Misskelley's. And not just to rectify what happened to them, but to educate the general public on the urgency of their attention to the depth of reform needed.

Jason Baldwin will be in Spokane, Washington as the special guest speaker at an event named:
Honor Life: Abolish the Death Penalty.
He will tell his powerful story of three innocent men (teens when convicted) who lost 18 years of their lives serving life sentences and Mr. Echols on Death Row, because of issues within the system such as prosecution immunity, hearsay laws, the rulings by the presiding judge, snitch testimony, coersion by law enforcement, and vilification of defendants.

Honor Life: Abolish the Death Penalty
July 21st, Saturday, 2012.
Saranac Building, 25 W Main St, Spokane, WA

What: A rooftop garden party to celebrate freedom and life while hearing the facts, repercussions, and experiences, in order to grow in understanding of the failure that is the Death Penalty in the United States.

4:00 live music by the Terrible Button, refreshments, info, mingle
4:30 Introduce Mr. Baldwin
4:40 Mr. Baldwin tells his personal story
5:00 open for Q&A
5:45 more music, refreshments, info available, mingle.

Open to the public, free admission. Sponsored by PJALS.ORG

Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Documented Truth About Kerry Lyn Dalton's Trial

Some of you have watched the Deadly Women episode aired last Winter, claiming to tell the story of a murder involving Kerry Dalton, Sheryl Baker, Mark Tompkins and "George."

Now you can read the documented truth in the newly published book, CAGES. For details, along with excerpts, follow this link

Sister Helen Prejean, Author of Dead Man Walking, writes, "...Cages is a must read that exposes the complexities and faults within the system, while going deeply into the moral issue of capital punishment..." 

Compare the astonishing differences between the episode's version and this documented, accurate retelling of the facts.