Sunday, December 5, 2010

Basic facts on Kerry’s case

Kerry is an innocent woman currently living on Death Row in California.
In March of 1995 she was convicted of 1st degree murder with special circumstances.
She was sent to wait for execution in June '95.

She pleaded innocent and still maintains her innocence.

The jury found guilt without a body, without any weapon, without any crime scene evidence, and even without blood evidence (therefore no ability to have DNA testing for exoneration).

The case was built on a missing person's report (phoned in anonymously; the woman's husband swore in court she had run off like she'd done more than once before) and based on the words of informants,and snitches, all hearsay testimony.
Some sources can be found that state Kerry had confessed; those refer to the hearsay testimony from jailhouse snitches who claimed Kerry told them she committed murder. She has never made any such statement.

Her first attempt to gain an appeal is still in the process after 16 years.


  1. I've recently looked into the case of your sister, due to a show I watched about Susan Wright. I wrote Kerry through but I'm not even sure how the website works. As I was searching as to why she landed where she's at, I found it's really hard to find any information on the internet about the case. The information I have found is that her age is somewhere between 46 to 58. I just can't understand how a jury could come up with a death penalty conviction with no hard evidence. I can't find any information as to whatever happened to her co-defendants. It sounds as though everyone copped a plea and turned on her. But it also says that she confessed to the crime. I myself don't believe in capital punishment, but that's not why I'm intrigued by the nature of this case and the lack of information I can find. If you know where I can find more information email me at Take care

  2. Victoria,

    I am a friend of your sister, and also an attorney in CA. As you can verify with her, I do care deeply about her and the "slight" she has received. However, you can also verify with her, I have vowed absolute confidentiality - both personally and professionally - and thus urge you to contact me personally. My contact -ph.(760)-612-5282; EMAIL:

    I truly hope to hear from you soon.