Sunday, December 5, 2010

Why and Who is Writing this Blog

My name is Victoria Thorpe, and Kerry Lyn Dalton is my sister.
I have been supporting and working on the side of my sister since she was accused of the crime in 1992. It took three years to get to trial, then the trial was completed in 9 days, plus one day for closing arguments, then the penalty phase began within days. I attended many of the hearings and the entire trial. It was a shock to my sense of security and faith in the U.S. justice system.
I would not be an activist involved in this cause had it not been a family member involved; I admit, I saw no need to do more than sit back and trust the wheels of justice. It is a small percentage of people who are pulled into the prison systems because of knowing persons involved, and an even more minute number who become entangled in a capital case scenario. That is a big reason these people get forgotten.
I have grown to feel for the plight of people caught up in the cycle of prison life by interacting with them for years now. They need a voice, actually many voices.
There are many good hard working people dedicated to justice working throughout our country's law enforcement and legal system, as many of them have been working to accomplish; public awareness is a necessity to change. I finally heeded the call to my personal involvement at a higher level a few years ago. We continue with extensive research, updating information, pounding the pavement getting the facts out, and helping hearts heal on both sides of the issues. There are two sides; victims and their families deserve to be healed, have closure, and justice of course. I do not believe the two cannot be reconciled into one peaceful solution. I believe the only way to peace is for all to gain the gift of a full, safe heart.
I do not claim to have all the solutions, I do not even claim to have solutions - I do know that should not stop me, or you, from moving forward into this hidden problem. Awareness is a beginning, open minded compassion is a necessity, and action is a must.
Please take time to look into the subject of reforming the justice system.
Please share thoughts, questions, comments, etc, that will promote wisdom, justice, and love.
This is a new venue for me, please be patient with this Blog.
For today, I just needed to get these basic articles completed.
Sincerely hoping for miracles for all of us,


  1. I couldn't agree more with you Victoria !
    Unfortunately I am not a U.S. citizen ( I'm Canadian ) or I would try to help.
    Just for information purposes, I have never met Victoria but her sister Kerry Lyn is a pen pal of mine and has been for about 3 or 3 1/2 years. "TRUST ME FOLKS" this is a mighty fine gal and I have the utmost respect for her.
    I would back this cause 100% in the U.S.
    Randy , Kelowna BC CANADA

  2. Thank you for your support Randy. Please spread the word and help others become aware that a system gone unchecked can become a nightmare. Whether in Canada, U.S. or any nation; the people are responsible to know and understand how justice is carried out- for their own good and that of their loved ones, besides the general concern for all our "neighbors".

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  4. Hello Victoria. I too am from Canada. I`m not sure if Kerry is innocent or guilty. If she`s innocent she should be definitely be released. You`re right about cases of death penalty innocence cases in the United States. One I can think of is the Jesse Joesph Tafero case in Florida. Tafero was executed "rather torturously that is" while the actual murderer walked free. Take care and best future wishes for Kerry.

  5. I remember the emotion and passion in your voice and heart when you first told me some of the story about Kerry when we were friends in western Washington several years ago. You knew how my life had been affected as a wrongly accused, innocent person and blessed me with your compassion. Kerry and your children are blessed to be loved by you; I hope they all know it. God bless your efforts in the future