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Kerry Lyn Dalton Never Confessed

Women on Death Row:

The so-called confession reported in the press was based on Investigator Richard Cooksey's testimony that a jailhouse snitch told him that Kerry Lyn confessed. The husband, and other friends/witnesses, said the alleged victim was never murdered; the woman ran away with a man. CPS and the missing person's husband both testified the woman had a history of disappearing; the husband believed she ran off. No body, no blood, no weapons, no sign of any crime ever turned up with the searches conducted by the specialty Task force. The alleged victim wasn't even declared deceased during the trial: corpus needed to be determined by the jury.
Based on hearsay and and the coerced testimony of a co-defendant; a jury declared a murder took place and gave Kerry Lyn the Death Penalty. Judge Whelan upheld their decision.
Would the verdict have been different if Kerry had the funds O.J. Simpson had? Or if we had been permitted to bring the media in so everyone would be held accountable like in Casey Anthony's trial?
No body, No weapon, No blood, No evidence...

Would you expect to be judged the same?

The following article is Reason to Celebrate!!! Thanks to people who believe in the truth.

Equal Justice USA

Wolfe Death Penalty Case Gets Thrown Out the Door

July 2011 -  Earlier this month Virginia District Court Judge Raymond Jackson reversed the conviction and death sentence of Justin Wolfe.

Wolfe was 20 years old when he was accused of killing marijuana supplier Daniel Petrole. Said Judge Jackson, “The Commonwealth’s capital murder case against Wolfe can best be described as tenuous.”

The key witness was Owen Barber – the man who undisputedly pulled the trigger that killed Daniel Petrole. Barber was facing the threat of a capital trial himself but testified that Wolfe had hired him to do the killing in exchange for immunity on the death sentence.

Four years later Barber admitted by sworn affidavit that he had lied and that Wolfe had nothing to do with the killing.

In addition to the key witness recanting, Judge Jackson also found that Wolfe’s original defense was inadequate. Prosecutors withheld or ignored crucial evidence, and Wolfe’s own attorney – who had never handled a capital murder trial – had his law license revoked soon after the trial.

Virginia has executed more people than any other state apart from Texas and its courts are among the least likely to reverse a capital conviction.

But with cases like this coming out of the woodwork, even the biggest executors are getting squeamish about the ultimate punishment. Virginia has only had one new death sentence this year and last year there were none. Soon another person short, the state’s death row is dwindling.

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  1. Hi Victoria,
    I recently came across your blog when I was learning about this case. Do you happen to know whatever happened to Sheryl Baker? Is it true she is free now? That seems crazy considering what your sister is facing.

  2. Hello Ford,
    I do not have any information on Ms Baker's current where abouts, none since the trial. I'd assume she was released several years ago in the least since it was part of her "deal" in return for her saying what the D.A. wanted. The question is; could she stay out of trouble and out of prison?
    It is very common to give one a deal and another gets the ultimate penalty. These cases are not about finding the truth but on building careers. It's about the D.A.'s record and the judge's advancement.
    If you have more questions about the trial I can answer them directly from the transcripts - just ask! Thanks for listening and looking, Ford.

  3. Isn't Mark Thompkins also doing hard time on a first degree murder conviction in this case as well? Are you campaigning for his release also? He must be "innocent" too.

  4. Actually, Mr. Tompkins never plead guilty to MAY's MURDER; he also refused to testify at Kerry's trial - even when offered "favors".

    Tompkins is serving a 1st degree murder term because his public defender advised him to take it.
    While being held in S.D county jail for over 2 years (because there wasn't evidence to go to trial) the S.D.M.H.T.F. coerced, presured, and made life miserable for the three "suspects".
    All three were offered a 2nd degree plead deal IF they told a jury what the D.A. needed. Ms Baker decided to "cooperate".(2nd degree murder starts at 15-life, with possible parole at 7 years. With a D.A.'s reccomendations, time served can be applied, and other Favors provided. That is why Ms Baker was NOT sentenced until after her perfomance and after the convictions given to Kerry.)
    Upon Baker's plea deal, the D.A. informed Mr. Tompkins he was going down for the Death Penalty with Baker's testiomony. Tompkins had been charged with his 3rd felony & the D.A. promised he'd push it to the fullest extent(the 3-strikes law went into effect in CA in '94). Tompkins was looking at life with no possible parole. So, at first, the offer of 1st degree (25-life with possible parole) looked better - the very next day Mr. Tompkins fired his attorney & submitted his withdrawl of plea, chosing to go to trial. Judge Whelan denied the withdrawl. Tompkins and another public defender immediatly filed an appeal.
    That's a lot of info to explain, but I have even more. If you want to know more, please just ask me.

  5. Well my question was and still is - are you campaigning for all three. As in maybe "The Live Oak Springs Three"? Surely they have all three been "wrongly accused and convicted" - not just Kerry.

  6. My sister's sentence and neccessary exoneration is my priority; for obvious reasons.I have no access to either Ms. Baker or Mr. Tompkins.If they wished to have contact with me I would gladly welcome the resource!!

    Your words sounds like you take this case personal - I do because it involves my sister, but have also studied the transcripts and researched into the case background to have a firm ground to stand on my conclusions.
    Do you have a personal interest here? Reading the trial transcripts, which are public property, could answer many questions for you without your having to take my word, and inevitably provide you with many surprising new questions for me (:
    What else would you like to ask me?


    Perhaps you have time & desire to look into Baker & Tompkins' cases on their behalf & offer them your support? What do you think?

  7. To whom it may concern,
    My opinion is that if Miss Thorpe was so called campaigning for all
    three of the parties involved, "Why would this blog not specify that this was the case?"
    This blog is about Death Row inmates that have been wrongly convicted
    along with others . ( Her sister is one of them )
    I am a little confused????? (Baker and Thompkins are not Deathrow inmates )
    The answer to your question should be self explanatory!
    REFORM THE JUSTICE SYSTEM- The truth shall set us free !

    Randy, Kelowna bc. Canada

  8. To whom it may concern,
    What is the problem? All of the sudden you are like a sheep!
    You have one last chance with me to try and make your point!
    I don't want any newspaper articles," I want scientific evidence"
    You haven't even got the testicular or ovarian fortitude to even identify
    yourself so I doubt you can supply me with anything significant !
    In my opinion you are a Church going imbecile REPUBLICAN!
    All you people are the same ! " GET A LIFE"
    Kerry Lyn is innocent, " PROVE ME WRONG"
    Randy, Kelowna BC Canada

  9. Thank you for your support Randy and "Anonymous"! Kerry Lyn thanks you, too! :)

  10. I didn't know anything about this case until I saw an episode of "Deadly Women" in Investigation Discovery. IF everything I saw was true your sister deserves to be where she is. That doesn't mean you can't support her or be there for her. And again, please note I said IF. This episode made your sister look like a monster.
    Allie A., Boise ID

  11. Allie A., of Boise ID,
    Just a quick reference,
    I have been pen pals with Kerry Lyn for 3 1/2 years
    or longer and "Trust Me" she is NO monster!
    "She is a mighty fine human being!" ... make no mistake about it!

    Randy B., Kelowna BC. Canada

  12. OMG That is what that show is supposed to do,make them look like monsters.If they did not they would not get any ratings.You are one of those idiots that say I know it is true because I read it on the internet or as with you I saw it on TV. I have not looked into this case yet and have no opinions on her guilt or innocence but I cannot stand when you idiots are the one's who people rely on to get a fair trial from.I just read this page and comments only so far.