Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thrilled for the West Memphis Three !!!

 Kerry Lyn Dalton and her sister, Victoria Thorpe, June 2011. Visit at Death Row CCWF locked inside the individual cinder block rooms used for condemned womens' visits.

We all celebrate with these men who are tasting freedom after 18 years, one on Death Row, and we all need to send them and their loved ones prayers for this difficult time of adjustment and keep in mind they are not done.
At this same time the families of the boys that were murdered in this case need our prayers also; it is a difficult time for them to have the case re-opened and realize they haven't found their killers...
The Memphis Three are not totally exonerated yet, but were offered their release on conditions from Arkansas; they chose freedom. The investigation to who the true perpetrator or perpetrators were continues.
Another aspect to remember here is that again we see mistakes were made, innocent persons lost a good deal of their lives to a system that failed. We need to work to change things to insure this travesty does not happen again.
It took a great deal off effort from a large group of supporters and funding to get the Memphis Three this far; not the legal system. It' needs re-structuring.

In his own words, Damien Echols speaks volumes about the experience; "I am not alone as there are tens of thousand of men and woman in this country who have been wrongfully convicted, forced into a false confession, sentenced to death or a lifetime in prison. I am hopeful that one day they too will be able stand with their friends and family to declare their innocence."

Learn more at these links:

Please take the time to see the truth; mistakes are happening, and injustice is stealing lives while perpetrators remain on our streets.

That is why I work towards freeing Kerry Lyn Dalton from Death Row: she has been wrongly convicted. I know it as fact. I have the documented facts. I miss my sister.
Even though she cannot read this (no computer access on Death Row), I love you Kerry Lyn, and will continue to seek your release!


  1. Impressed with your dedication. Kara (a cousin)

  2. Thannk you Kara. I hope you are dedicated also & will ask if you want more information.
    Do you say "cousin" as in a 'kin to the cause? Or family? I do not know who you are (:

  3. The family of the woman who was supposedly murdered will be thrilled to know she is still alive!

  4. I do not know if Ms May is still alive, thank you for thinking of her family.

    Ms May was a meth addict (as was Kerry and the others involved in the trial). Methamphetamine only steals lives and leaves behind ruin...

    Ms May had dissappeared once before 1988; back in 1984 she left the man she & her 1 year old daughter were living with in St Louise. He didn't even know if she were dead or alive until the defence attorneys informed him in late 1994.
    If you like to know more just ask.

  5. Great news Victoria!

    check out my facebook and spread the word!

  6. Wow Ron, thanks for your support!!!
    We can make a difference-

  7. Victoria, I am so touched by your sweet dedication and love for your sister. May God bless you both! Love to you, Joan

  8. Thank you for your comments and support. Blessings & love to you and your loved ones also (:

  9. so wonderful and such a great picture of sisterly love