Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thrilled for the West Memphis Three !!!

 Kerry Lyn Dalton and her sister, Victoria Thorpe, June 2011. Visit at Death Row CCWF locked inside the individual cinder block rooms used for condemned womens' visits.

We all celebrate with these men who are tasting freedom after 18 years, one on Death Row, and we all need to send them and their loved ones prayers for this difficult time of adjustment and keep in mind they are not done.
At this same time the families of the boys that were murdered in this case need our prayers also; it is a difficult time for them to have the case re-opened and realize they haven't found their killers...
The Memphis Three are not totally exonerated yet, but were offered their release on conditions from Arkansas; they chose freedom. The investigation to who the true perpetrator or perpetrators were continues.
Another aspect to remember here is that again we see mistakes were made, innocent persons lost a good deal of their lives to a system that failed. We need to work to change things to insure this travesty does not happen again.
It took a great deal off effort from a large group of supporters and funding to get the Memphis Three this far; not the legal system. It' needs re-structuring.

In his own words, Damien Echols speaks volumes about the experience; "I am not alone as there are tens of thousand of men and woman in this country who have been wrongfully convicted, forced into a false confession, sentenced to death or a lifetime in prison. I am hopeful that one day they too will be able stand with their friends and family to declare their innocence."

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Please take the time to see the truth; mistakes are happening, and injustice is stealing lives while perpetrators remain on our streets.

That is why I work towards freeing Kerry Lyn Dalton from Death Row: she has been wrongly convicted. I know it as fact. I have the documented facts. I miss my sister.
Even though she cannot read this (no computer access on Death Row), I love you Kerry Lyn, and will continue to seek your release!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Kerry Lyn Dalton Never Confessed

Women on Death Row:

The so-called confession reported in the press was based on Investigator Richard Cooksey's testimony that a jailhouse snitch told him that Kerry Lyn confessed. The husband, and other friends/witnesses, said the alleged victim was never murdered; the woman ran away with a man. CPS and the missing person's husband both testified the woman had a history of disappearing; the husband believed she ran off. No body, no blood, no weapons, no sign of any crime ever turned up with the searches conducted by the specialty Task force. The alleged victim wasn't even declared deceased during the trial: corpus needed to be determined by the jury.
Based on hearsay and and the coerced testimony of a co-defendant; a jury declared a murder took place and gave Kerry Lyn the Death Penalty. Judge Whelan upheld their decision.
Would the verdict have been different if Kerry had the funds O.J. Simpson had? Or if we had been permitted to bring the media in so everyone would be held accountable like in Casey Anthony's trial?
No body, No weapon, No blood, No evidence...

Would you expect to be judged the same?

The following article is Reason to Celebrate!!! Thanks to people who believe in the truth.

Equal Justice USA

Wolfe Death Penalty Case Gets Thrown Out the Door

July 2011 -  Earlier this month Virginia District Court Judge Raymond Jackson reversed the conviction and death sentence of Justin Wolfe.

Wolfe was 20 years old when he was accused of killing marijuana supplier Daniel Petrole. Said Judge Jackson, “The Commonwealth’s capital murder case against Wolfe can best be described as tenuous.”

The key witness was Owen Barber – the man who undisputedly pulled the trigger that killed Daniel Petrole. Barber was facing the threat of a capital trial himself but testified that Wolfe had hired him to do the killing in exchange for immunity on the death sentence.

Four years later Barber admitted by sworn affidavit that he had lied and that Wolfe had nothing to do with the killing.

In addition to the key witness recanting, Judge Jackson also found that Wolfe’s original defense was inadequate. Prosecutors withheld or ignored crucial evidence, and Wolfe’s own attorney – who had never handled a capital murder trial – had his law license revoked soon after the trial.

Virginia has executed more people than any other state apart from Texas and its courts are among the least likely to reverse a capital conviction.

But with cases like this coming out of the woodwork, even the biggest executors are getting squeamish about the ultimate punishment. Virginia has only had one new death sentence this year and last year there were none. Soon another person short, the state’s death row is dwindling.

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