Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Day Sixteen of Journey For Freedom, October 30, 2012

Kearny Mesa and Clairmont was mainly an industrial and business route. Hardly any shade along the way, only 82 degrees today though--it felt hotter. Of the few folks I had the opportunity to speak with, just one opened it up to the subject of Kerry's case, he was curious and fascinated with the details of why the death penalty system is broken and wasteful. Unfortunately he was working and the boss reminded him of that; though she let me give him a pamphlet on California Death Penalty issues and why to vote yes on 34.

Besides getting the miles in today, Jenny took me to a fantastic exotic bird shop while were in Kearny Mesa. Gorgeous, sweet birds everywhere! We weren't allowed to take photos...

I'm so glad my friend JoAn was feeling well enough that I got to spend the evening with her and her husband, Regan. JoAn will be walking with me tomorrow.

The trolley passing through La Mesa at dusk.
Wow, all of the sudden it's day 17 tomorrow... I haven't been back to San Diego Superior courthouse since May '95 for Kerry's sentencing... To be there on November 1st may feel very strange.

Voting is the 6th;
Please vote yes on prop 34, start a new era of reform and a better society for all.

Peace to you all ~


This picture is for my sister, Lori; she
used to have a classic Jaguar she
enjoyed, almost this color!

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