Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Day Sixteen of Journey For Freedom, October 30, 2012

Kearny Mesa and Clairmont was mainly an industrial and business route. Hardly any shade along the way, only 82 degrees today though--it felt hotter. Of the few folks I had the opportunity to speak with, just one opened it up to the subject of Kerry's case, he was curious and fascinated with the details of why the death penalty system is broken and wasteful. Unfortunately he was working and the boss reminded him of that; though she let me give him a pamphlet on California Death Penalty issues and why to vote yes on 34.

Besides getting the miles in today, Jenny took me to a fantastic exotic bird shop while were in Kearny Mesa. Gorgeous, sweet birds everywhere! We weren't allowed to take photos...

I'm so glad my friend JoAn was feeling well enough that I got to spend the evening with her and her husband, Regan. JoAn will be walking with me tomorrow.

The trolley passing through La Mesa at dusk.
Wow, all of the sudden it's day 17 tomorrow... I haven't been back to San Diego Superior courthouse since May '95 for Kerry's sentencing... To be there on November 1st may feel very strange.

Voting is the 6th;
Please vote yes on prop 34, start a new era of reform and a better society for all.

Peace to you all ~


This picture is for my sister, Lori; she
used to have a classic Jaguar she
enjoyed, almost this color!

Command Central

Monday, October 29, 2012

Day Fifteen of Journey For Freedom, October 29, 2012

It was eighty six degrees today, but I'm getting used to it. The route from Carmel Mountain area to Miramar had lots of intermittent shade and wound through neighborhoods, across freeways, and into natural areas--a great variety!

What a great place to walk!

After the eight plus mile walk Jenny and I went to KFMB and the local Fox channel 5 to solicit coverage. They said they'd try...
We then headed to my old neighborhood for more walking.
The crosswalk that took us right
from our house to Gage school
 from 1969 to '73
The path to the cafeteria referred to in

8486 Whelan drive; we lived here
December '69 to '78. It has had a
total makeover, plus no more beautiful
trees covering the yard & house.
Gage School

On the way back to La Mesa (Jenny's brother's house and our gracious host again tonight), we were privileged to notice a large flock of Cherry-Headed Conures! (I couldn't get a good picture of them, so Adam found one on the internet for me)

They are originally from Peru, but these birds have flourished in the Southern California environment  Their odd screechy, baby-talk-like vocals caught our attention; Jenny is a bird aficionado and knew immediately what we had stumbled upon, she filled me in. It was so cool to get to watch these beautiful birds free in the "wild" of San Diego trees. 
Time is running out...
And yet today was not done there; I received an email from Tracy Simmons, to let me know her article on this cause had been picked up by the Washington Post! How awesome is that! 
Congratulations, Tracy, super fine work!
Here's the link, and please encourage anyone who's able to get to SD County Courthouse November 1st, 12 noon turnout. Prop 34 is really close--we have a fighting chance to make significant change in California--please come out in numbers to gain YES vote on Prop 34.

Sending you all blessings from my heart. Thank you for keeping the Journey in your prayers and on your hearts, Victoria and Staff, and Jenny and on behalf of Kerry.

Look below to find the petition to the San Diego courthouse on behalf of Kerry!

Halloween is coming!

Another hill I conquered

One walker going up this hill
 in the sun who didn't make it...


Petition that Victoria is presenting to the courthouse

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Day Fourteen of Journey For Freedom, October 28, 2012

Cosmos cafe
This morning was filled up with a productive session with a friend about Kerry's case at Cosmos cafe. Primarily it was coaching me to keep the focus on the simple facts:

1. How absurd it is that there was even a trial when not only was there no body to work with--not even blood or weapons--or even a crime scene to confirm any murder
2.  The testimony was all hearsay from heavy methamphetamine users, who experts declare have severe difficulty distinguishing reality, are highly paranoid, and have memory lapses and hallucinations, not to mention--all "witnesses" had something personal to gain or lose at the mercy of the D.A. and law enforcement involved
3. All law-enforcement who testified admitted there was no evidence of a crime--
yet Kerry still waits to have this obviously wrongful conviction overturned 17 and 1/2 years later.

That is a broken system.
I would not be spending the majority of my time and energy fighting for the public to become aware of this case if i were not absolutely confident that my sister was innocent. What purpose could it serve me or Kerry to pretend or lie? 

Wake up, public, this is not the only messed up case! Corruption is more prolific than you would imagine. Let's all pay attention to the facts and now move forward to make amends and also restructure the criminal justice system to avoid future wrongful convictions; begin with prosecutorial accountability and rein in snitch testimony.

End the death penalty, move toward peace and safety for all.

Signing off with hope, Victoria.


Artwork at the cafe


Frank and Jenny

Jenny's brother, Frank, who we're
staying with, took us to an Italian
restaurant in Pacific Beach, called
Mama Mia's.

Mama Mia's is a family-run restaurant.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Day Thirteen of Journey for Freedom, October 27th, 2012

This will be short and sweet, because I am in pain...thought I'd be used to this, but oh well, it's not as bad as childbirth! We have changed the goal from 200 miles to 175, at least that coordinates with the number 17.5 that we are working with. Between technical difficulties and weather, adjusting is wise.

I should be able to make all the miles with the route to the courthouse, starting from Center City Parkway and Second and continuing to downtown San Diego; that will get me at least 34 miles (I covered eight of those today). Tomorrow I will be restarting in Carmel Mountain, where I left off this evening.

Remember to vote YES on Prop 34, to replace the Death Penalty with a Safe Alternative. The system is broken--let's begin reform from the top, let's work together for a better world with peace for all. 

Bless your night, from all of us.

A massive cactus at Todd's place
A friendly face along the way

Walking alongside highway 15

Trail goes under the freeway

Lake Hodges wasn't there...

Footbridge across 'lake'

Shady part of trail